Sunday, December 19, 2010

Home-eopathic Recipe

1 cure for a cold, rainy, pre-Christmas-in-Haiti-without-my-family Sunday

1 Ben
1 Luna
Homemade biscuits
1 jar of Ben's mom's blackberry jam
Christmas lights
Nirvana playlist
Wool socks
Picasa album of old, old photos from Laura

1. Mix the Ben with the Luna
2. Make the biscuits while wearing the socks
3. Top biscuits with the blackberry jam
4. Add the music, lights and old photos:

Top: Ben, Mom Depp, Tim, Caleb; Bottom: Caleb, Martha, Ben
5. Cheer up.


laura said...

aww...i'm so glad you enjoyed the pics! he's a cute one! ;-) sarah used to call him "Sir Bee-line" because every time we accidentally left our door open, he'd crawl straight for it...(proabably scoping photo ops at a young age)

nerkert said...

Charming post! I'm glad you found a cure. (We haven't found one yet for missing you and Ben at Christmas.)

Karen said...

I'll have a blue Christmas without you, too

caleb said...


caleb said...



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