Friday, September 23, 2011

Ben, come home!

Confession: Last night my dinner came out of a box. I came home, dumped the contents of a box into a saucepan and, once it was thoroughly heated, I ate.

Confession Number Two: I ate while watching a seriously stupid movie on my laptop.

Every value and ideal to which I cling revolts against this kind of eating. Which is why I must make Confession Number Three: We keep boxed food on hand for occasions such as this.

Occasions such as – Ben has been traveling for most of the month, I have been working my ass off (though I could not love my work more), we have had a string of houseguests for two months straight and now I find myself alone in my house and it is raining outside.

Two weeks ago I pickled beets and turnips, made sauerkraut and turnip kimchi (turnips are the new trend around here), omelettes, stir fries for the kimchi, and hosted a dinner party for which I made hummus, tabouleh, baba ghanouj and tsatsiki. Last week, I baked bread and made spaghetti sauce and mango chutney and curried lentils. This week, I have subsisted on avocadoes, the rest of that bread, and oily take out from up the street. 

The point being? By gastronomic standards, I clearly need people around me at all times.


CJ said...

Alexis! I have loved reading your blog. One of the things I miss most about being in the US is pickling and canning-especially beets. So I'm excited to hear you're doing it in Haiti. Might want some advice on that front (and gardening...we don't have a yard but we want to try some pots). Turnips are big here in Cayes, too and they're a special soup-joumou surprise. Thanks for your words! -CJ in Cayes

Karen said...

I miss watching stupid movies and painting our toenails together. Also just us together.

Rebecca said...

Was that a box of Indian food? Come on, it's not that bad? Hope you had a lovely Ben-filled weekend!


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