Thursday, September 8, 2011

Z is for Zaboka

It's avocado season, folks! The two (yes, two) avocado trees in our yard are laden with fruit and Ben has devised a genius device for picking them. The connecting piece is, of course, a bicycle brake lever:
Full disclosure: it's actually been avocado season for awhile - a month at least - and these avocado fiends have already consumed the easy-to-pick fruit. So now Ben has to use his picking device and climb impossibly high into the trees. He's become the hero of every child under ten in our neighborhood.


nerkert said...

Very clever and more precise than the old "shake-'em-into-a-sheet" trick. I'll be overeating avocados within 48 hrs. I hope we can talk before i go: I'll leave my Skype on today, and Skype your phone sometime tomorrrow if we haven't connected before that.

laura said...

Yum! so what is your favorite way to eat them?


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