Friday, September 30, 2011

Old News

I am constantly torn between (a) my desire to provide you [reader(s), aka mom] with in-depth, interesting analysis and updates on Haiti and (b) the fact that it's to post pretty pictures. If you come here for the former, please stick around. I bring you "Old News" to encourage you with the fact that we're still posting at all.

What seems like ages ago -  while Ben was still on his way to Perpignan to hobnob with other photographers - I took a fun trip, too. Our friends E & C (who, like everyone we adore, we see far too rarely) are building a house on Île-à-Vache and E needed to check on the progress.

Here's how Lonely Planet describes Île-à-Vache: "...In the 16th century it was a base for the Welsh pirate Henry Morgan as he terrorized Santo Domingo and Columbia. Three centuries later Abraham Lincoln tried to relocate emancipated black American slaves here, but it was a short-lived and ill-provisioned experiment. The island today is scattered with rural houses, plantations, mangroves, the odd Arawak burial ground and some great beaches."

Pirateous intrigue aside, not a fantastic review. It probably helps that I was with E, and that we were staying in her home and not at a resort, but nothing about our trip - from the hour-long boat-taxi (appropriately named "Christ is Capable") ride to the island, to our reception in Kaykok, to beautiful beaches and clear water, to our meals, to the size of the tarantula we discovered, to E's friendly neighbors, to our failed attempt to watch a women's soccer game in the pouring rain, to the sailboat we had to take back to the mainland when we missed the boat-taxi - was short of fantastic.

More than a few photos, to prove my point:


terri said...

Île-à-Vache is my favorite place in Haiti, although the last time I was there I left the water with 3 jellyfish stings. ouch!

Anonymous said...

your photos are gorgeous too...thanks for sharing:-) other mom

Jenny said...

What beautiful water!! Kevin and I love your blog and read regularly :) We're impressed with your commitment to writing so frequently and enjoy both the personal and professional posts!

Steph G. said...

not just mom!

A Wandering Daisy... said...

Please keep on posting! Someone other than your Mom checks in :) You are my link to true Haitian news...and I quite enjoy the photos as well! Julie


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