Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Take Two Minutes

And sign this letter: A Call to End Sexual Violence in Haiti. Actually, it'll probably take you more like 30 seconds.

The Haitian women behind this letter - most of them themselves victims of assault - are fearlessly and tirelessly organizing to support victims of sexual violence and to make the world a safer place for their daughters and granddaughters. That, my friends, is something every single one of us should get behind.

The letter supports "the demands of Haitian women for medical and psychological care for rape survivors, increased security and lighting in the camps, and meaningful participation by grassroots women's groups in decisions about combating sexual violence in the camps where they reside."

Use these links to forward it to your Creole, French and Spanish-speaking friends:




1 comment:

nerkert said...

Will do, once my Internet situation allows me to do "extras."
Love from Coneilia (and me).


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