Friday, July 2, 2010

Christmas in July

We got an AMAZING package from the Thompsonowaks today! How well they know us -- among other things they sent a ceramic salt shaker in the shape of a carrot, locally made strawberry jam and basil soap, dark chocolate, an "I heart my bike" button and a beautiful clay bird.

We also got PART of an amazing package from my mom and Karen, the rest of which we anticipate eagerly (as apparently it is still sitting in Akron, PA, waiting for someone from MCC to handcarry it to Haiti). My mom does the cutest thing. For as long as Ben and I have lived and/or been traveling overseas, she clips crossword puzzles, quirky or Haiti-related articles and funny comic strips from the Charlotte Observer to save up and send to us. Getting crosswords and Lio comics from her has become this ritual thing that we love. Also, espresso coffee. Mmmm. It's nice to treat our taste buds to some different kinds of coffee from time to time.

But mostly it's nice to feel so loved...

(Speaking of coffee, it took us about a year and 1/2 here to decide to fork out a little more for our coffee, at which time we discovered that Haitian coffee is really quite good. It turns out that the brand we had been buying (Li Pi Bon - literally, It's Better) was NOT in fact better. )

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nerkert said...

We sent two packages around the same time - I think that one of them may have had just the clippings and coffee, whereas the other (the one we did with Karen) had lots of goodies. Anyway, I'm glad that some stuff is tricking in.


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