Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fault Lines - Haiti: Six months on

"Six months after the earthquake that killed up to 300,000 people, the dust is starting to settle over Port-au-Prince. As it does, the deep wounds that fracture this country are re-emerging, more gaping than even before."

We have found that Al Jazeera English has been one of the few TV networks with a commitment to doing real journalism and telling real stories from Haiti. Six months ago, we posted this documentary done by Al Jazeera with former CBC host Avi Lewis. Earlier this month, they released the six month update posted above. It's hard to watch, but we would encourage you to take the time.

On a very much related note, Ben has been meaning to post the following comment for several days now: If the pictures he posted of displaced Haitians facing flooding moved you, please don't send more money to big NGOs working in Haiti. Billions of dollars of aid have already been pledged and quite honestly, you can see from this short video how that's going. Instead, call the organizations that you have already sent money and ask them to account for it. Put pressure on the NGO's you support and on your governmental representatives to be transparent in the way that money pledged to Haiti gets spent. We've linked to it several times now, but USE this advocacy guide! Or look for ways to support individuals that are doing good things in Haiti or grassroots organizations and movements. Feel free to contact us for suggestions.

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Anonymous said...

yes, Al Jazeera English has had great coverage, much more in-depth. It's kinda sad that American news hasn't been as good. NPR is good when they do a story, but few stories. CNN only really has Anderson Cooper keeping the spot light on Haiti. For the most part, the Networks are absent.


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