Friday, July 16, 2010

Posts We Never Posted #1

Tour de l'Artibonite
A mere three days before the earthquake, the MCC ladies rode from Mirebalais to Desarmes on a variety of bicycles (most of which were provided by Ben from the fast-breeding brood in our storage room). For a 25-mile ride, it was totally epic. I can say this: the Artibonite Valley was definitely not prepared to be stormed by six blan women on mostly crappy bikes.
On January 12th, I started writing a blogpost about the ride, intending to upload the pictures after I got home. Before I got a chance, there was an earthquake.
Pancha is leaving Haiti next week, so now of all of the strong and amazing women that I rode to Desarmes with that day, only Margot is still here. Next year's Tour will either be very small (read: two) or will have to be composed of new friends and colleagues.


Matt, Esther, Gabriela and Niko said...

Or we could come visit and Esther could join the ride again!

Alexis said...

MEG&N- You know how much I would LOVE that!!


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