Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This week

  • Lots of heavy rains. Hot days, cool nights. (Comparatively) lots of electricity.
  • We have been too busy to blog. We have also been too busy to cook, clean or hang out. Ben's had a ton of video editing to do (his least favorite kind of work) and I've been working with KPL on a proposal for the Canadian Food Grains Bank, connecting with PAPDA, planning the MCC advocacy delegation that will be here in almost a week and lots of other stuff. Busyness seems to come and go in waves for us, but July has been a tidal wave of activity that shows no signs of letting up. 
  • Luna has been acting crazy - total wild cat. I think it has to do with the full moon. Luna, moon. Makes sense, right?
  • We found out that Karen and Abe will finally be visiting us. Hurrah for amazing sisters and bearded brother-in-laws. October could not possibly come soon enough!
  • I found the most amazing sandals I've ever owned in the street market on Delmas 33. Should I post a picture? I want to. If someone will allay the guilt I feel about putting a picture of my new used shoes on my blog about Haiti, I'll upload one.
  • Ben made hot sauce with peppers from the Indian Firecracker pepper bush in our yard that is now almost as tall as I am.
  • I've been getting nervous about the end of the month, which is also the end of my security as an MCC service worker. Even though Ben and I never made a salary with MCC, we haven't had any financial worries for the past two years - everything from our rent to our food to FULL health insurance has been covered for us. But since I'm switching to a local hire position, I will be making less than was provided for me as a service worker. We've never been in it for the money and I truly do love my job, so I'm trusting that it will all work out.
  • Ben bought the XL200 from MCC. He is now the proud owner of his very own motorcycle.
  • Starting tomorrow we'll be dog sitting again for F&J. I'm not sure if we mentioned anything about our first Olie-sitting experience, but because it resulted in 5 AM wake-ups, puppy poop on our floor and a very traumatized Luna, we're going to stay at their house this time. Good thing he's cute!


Rebecca said...

Of course I want to see your sandals - preferably with your toenails painted pink : )

Karen said...

I don't just want to see your sandals, I want to have them. Hopefully that's what's in the mail?

Joie said...

Hey Lexi! I want to see a picture of your sandals too! :) I've been hunting for awesome sandals all summer but with no luck at finding them. :( Maybe yours will inspire me to try shopping again. Anyway, I'll be praying for you as your position changes slightly and for the busy-ness to ease up sometime soon. I sure enjoy your blog- keep posting. Miss you!


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